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Whether it’s a personal matter, small business need, or dealing with a government entity, we can meet the challenge.

Our law firm is based in San Diego, California but can provide nationwide services, through its numerous affiliates and associations. Our clients enjoy dependable representation from a law firm that prides itself on being “A difference you can count on”. Landers Law Group is on your side. Your interests are always our first priority.

Our Commitment To You

We know you have several choices when choosing a lawyer or service provider. Understanding, support and producing a favorable result for you is always our main objective. Here is the kind relationship you can expect with us. We will work hard to make sure your business,legal and copywriting concerns are handled with understanding, support and are designed to produce positive results on your behalf. That is always our goal.

Take a look a the services we offer. Perhaps we can be the "Difference You Can Count On."

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